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Timekeeping that saves precious time

What’s more valuable than time?
    Wasted labor minutes add up quickly, remain largely unnoticed, and create high and unnecessary costs.
    NorthWest Payroll Solutions offers an electronic time-clock system that eliminates the labor-intensive time and expense of collecting time cards, adding hours, and including them with your payroll.

How our electronic timekeeping system works
Your employees “punch” in and out by swiping their personal electronic time cards. Every night, the clock transmits the day’s activity, reliably and securely. Time and attendance records are immediately available to you and to us at NorthWest Payroll Solutions.
    From the online site, you can verify and edit employee “punches,” and see updated totals at any time. You can also run payroll reports and download them in several formats.
    If your business operates in more than one location, our electronic timekeeping is especially practical and useful, because you can connect multiple clocks to the same network. Since all of your clocks dial into the same server, your payroll data is conveniently combined in one place. Employees can even “punch” in on one clock and “punch” out on another.
    Our electronic timekeeping solution is the ideal scalable solution for your growing enterprise.

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No software to install

Simply view, edit, and run reports using your web browser. “Punch” in and out with the push of a button, the swipe of a card, or over the phone.
    Our web-based server automatically does all the collecting, calculating, processing, and reporting—effectively and efficiently.
    A built-in modem automatically sends us your employees’ time-clock “punches” over a phone line, so you can complete your payroll information without ever leaving your desk, even if you have multiple clocks.

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Reduce your payroll prep time by up to 80 percent

Studies have shown that automated payroll calculation reduces preparation time by up to 80 percent, saving you substantial time and money.
    Our automated timekeeping system is designed for small- to mid-sized businesses. We offer brand-name equipment, FREE upgrades, and FREE daily e-mail reports. And unlike many other payroll providers, we’ll never assess hidden fees.