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Open, honest communications

We think you’ll also appreciate our forthright approach to working with you. A case in point: in the payroll business, errors will occur from time to time.

   A key advantage that we have over our competitors is the manner in which we rectify errors. We will address them open and honestly with you, and we will resolve them quickly.
NorthWest Payroll Solutions is the endorsed payroll service of the Multnomah Dental Society


Finally. A payroll provider that lets you select just those services you need.

Why pay for payroll services that you’ll never use? When you partner with NorthWest Payroll Solutions, you can pick and choose the precise payroll services that fit your business needs.
    Say so long to bundled pricing. Browse our “a la carte” menu of services, priced individually, and pay only for the services that you use.

Submitting your payroll is extremely easy

Our payroll software—Execupay—makes it quick and easy for you to submit payroll—by fax, e-mail, phone, or online. Our web-based interface enables you to check and re-check all of your payroll information.


On every payday, you’ll receive a complete payroll issue that includes the following items:

• Signature-ready payroll checks
• A complete payroll register
• Department reports
• Deductions reports
• Tax liability reports
• Tax-deposit checks or all appropriate EFT tax-deposit notifications

In addition, you can choose from many additional reports and services, including:

• Employee direct deposits
• Vendor checks or electronic payments
• Job costing
• Certified payroll
• Labor distribution
• General ledger
• Tip reports
• Human resources services
• Worker’s compensation
• QuickBooks exports
• A paperless report option
• Pre-signed payroll checks

Experience peace of mind for all of your tax filings

At the end of every quarter, we process and file all state and federal reports and initiate all required tax deposits, easing your mind and saving you time.
    At year end, you can rely on us to process and file all W-2 forms, 940 reports, and all required state reports.
    If you need any special type of service, just ask. Chances are we can provide it for you.